Install Ignited onto your iPhone or iPad.

The easiest method is over-the-air (OTA) installation, which is offered as a benefit to OTA and Premium members of my Patreon. Installation is always a button press away, and the app stays signed while you're a supporter. This method is great for sharing Ignited with friends and family, since any device can be added by obtaining its UDID.

Patrons in the Beta tier and higher also have access to Ignited through Apple's TestFlight beta testing platform. This method is simple, convenient, and lets you install the app on any device connected to your Apple ID. TestFlight also receives early access to new features and changes while they are being developed.

AltStore is a completely free method, but requires a computer and resigning the app must be done every week to continue using the app.

OTA Method

  1. Become a member of OTA or Premium on Patreon

  2. Submit your device UDID(s) following the instructions in the welcome message

  3. Wait patiently for 3 days until Apple finishes registering your device

  4. Use this link to install Ignited

TestFlight Method

  1. Become a member of Beta on Patreon

  2. Accept the TestFlight invite that will be sent to your email

  3. Download the TestFlight app from the App Store

  4. Open TestFlight and Install Ignited

AltStore Method

  1. Download AltServer for Mac or PC

  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via Lightning or USB-C cable

  3. Follow these instructions for installing AltStore

  4. Use this link to install Ignited

Other Signing Methods

  1. Download the IPA file to install using another method

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