🎨Controller Skins

Customize the look of your systems.

Controller skins allow you to customize the look and feel of each system. Ignited comes with a default skin for every system, that supports all devices and orientations. You can also create your own skins using this guide or import skins created by other users.

Importing Skins

You can import skins the same way you import games. Once you import a skin, you will see a popup informing you of what devices and orientations the skin supports. Most user created skins do not support all devices and orientations. It is common for skins to only support newer edge to edge screen iPhones, and only one orientation.

Changing Skins

To change skins, first go to the app settings. scroll down to the Controller Skins section, select the system you want to change skins for, select the orientation you want to change, and choose the desired skin from the list. You can also choose a skin for a specific game using the game's context menu.

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