Answers to common questions users have when using Ignited.

Q: Can I transfer my games and saves from Delta?

A: Yes. If you have your games backed up with Delta Sync, you can log into the same backup service with Ignited Sync and all your games and saves will be downloaded into Ignited and synced.

Q: What systems are currently supported?

A: The systems currently supported by Ignited are:

  • Nintendo (Nestopia)

  • Super Nintendo (Snes9x)

  • Nintendo 64 (mupen64plus)

  • Game Boy Color (Gambatte)

  • Game Boy Advance (visualboyadvance-m)

  • Nintendo DS (melonDS/DeSmuME)

  • Genesis/Mega Drive (Genesis Plus GX)

  • Master System (Genesis Plus GX)

  • Game Gear (Genesis Plus GX)

Q: Where can I get games/ROMs/BIOS files?

A: I can't help you find these files. A simple google search should point you in the right direction.

Q: Will you add (retro system) to the app?

A: Probably not. I'm not very interested in any new systems beside eventually 3DS. Also I currently lack the technical coding skills to implement new cores into the app. That being said, I will gladly add new systems to the app if other devs put in the effort to add new cores.

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